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About Us

Our Mission

The American Educational Scholarship Fund, Inc.’s mission is to provide solutions to the increasing cost of college for students.  Our purpose is to contribute to a world where all students have equal access to education.  AESF positions itself as an effective mentoring organization in an effort to contribute to the development of future leaders and contributors in our immediate community and the world.  AESF has a long history of contributing to educational organizations and mentoring young people.  As the demand for assistance increased, a more systematic approach was needed to adequately reduce the financial barriers for students. Thus, AESF’s new mission and organization were born.

Who We Are

  • AESF is a 501c3 non-profit charity incorporated in October 2004 to help students afford a college education by providing scholarships and leadership training.
  • AESF seeks out qualified students who attend or will be attending college in pursuit of a two or four year degree and awards scholarships.
  • We establish relationships with educational organizations and provide management and financial support.
  • Individual scholarships range from $250-$10,000.
  • AESF is directed and advised by a consortium of professional managers, community organizers, and educators.